About Bikes & Beers

More Than Just a Bike Ride


     We strongly believe in bicycling as a safe, comfortable, and smart choice for transportation and recreation. Every event benefits a local cycling charity to improve policies, laws, and infrastructure.

    Join Us For A Ride

    There’s so many reasons why riding with us is a solid life decision.


    Would you rather dance alone in your room, or go to a club and dance with hundreds of other people? The action is the same, but the experience is completely different. This is how people explain our events.

    Beer Unites

    We believe in building communities through human interaction and connection. The more we know our neighbors and the places around us the stronger, happier, and healthier we become. First two rounds are on us!

    Post-Ride Festival

    After the ride grab your collective pint glass and indulge in 2 free beers! Hang with friends and enjoy the live music, raffle prizes, outdoor games, and food trucks that make for a fun bike-centered festival.

    Giving Back

    Each event benefits a local cycling advocacy organization. These donations help to improve the cycling conditions in your city. In addition, we donate a portion of each event to The World Bicycle Relief.

    The Breweries

    *List Coming Soon

    The Charities

    So many to list! We’re working on it