Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

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We are proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from the
event to the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. The Bicycle Coalition is
Philadelphia’s most effective voice for the rights of bicyclists. Through political advocacy,
educational programming and community building, the Bicycle Coalition works to make our
region a better, safer city for people of all ages and abilities to ride a bicycle. Since 1972,
the Bicycle Coalition has been promoting bicycling as a healthy, low-cost, and
environmentally-friendly form of transportation and recreation.

Last year we donated over $1,000 to the Bicycle Coalition. The BCGP played a huge
role in getting the Indego Bikeshare in the city and we want to continue to help them
do awesome things!

To find out about The Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia, to donate, or to volunteer please
visit their website HERE!
Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia Vision