Coronavirus Response

    Our plan for COVID-19 coronavirus at 2020 Bikes & Beers events:


    In the wake of this uncertainty, don’t worry about your Bikes & Beers registration. Stay committed to your fitness goals and know that your registration can be used at future events if your event is affected.

    We have your back as COVID-19 coronavirus causes uncertainty throughout each of our Bikes & Beers Events Regions. The health and safety of our participants, staff, brewery staff, and host community members has always been our top priority. We have been following the outbreak closely, and are cognizant of the risks that large gatherings pose.

    We remain optimistic that our events will not be effected by the virus and are also taking responsible steps to protect everyone involved. We will be consulting with local authorities leading into each event and taking appropriate actions on an event-by-event basis.

    • We do not plan to postpone or cancel any events at the time. If we were to do so, it would be with a heavy heart, consultation from local officials, and as much advanced notice as possible. Please assume that your event will continue as planned unless you hear from us directly.

    • We have revised our policies around transfer fees. If we must postpone or cancel an event, you will be able to transfer to a future event at no charge. We plan to help you stay fit and on your bicycle no matter which of our events you are able to attend!

    We encourage each of you to take all possible measures to keep yourselves and your communities healthy. We will update and re-post this thread as necessary in the coming weeks.

    The Bikes & Beers team appreciates your patience and cooperation during these uncertain times. As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns at