2021 COVID-19 Safety Plan

Your Safety is our Top Priority


Bikes & Beers will be opening the 2021 season with a full event schedule! Our intention is to hold all our events on their scheduled weekend date. In light of rapidly changing public health policies, we have prepared multiple event formats based on national and local guidelines at the time of the event.


Our default event format is our traditional Bikes & Beers event with large group starts, fully marked routes, ride leaders, rest stops, and off course our post-ride party with delicious craft beer, live music, games, raffles, and food trucks! Our top priority is keeping riders, staff, volunteers, and our host brewery safe during this 2021 season. That means we will be monitoring national and local health and safety guidelines in the lead up to event day. We will work with our host breweries, partner charities, and local governments to decide which event format best aligns with the communities disease transmission risks.

Safety Protocols & Policies For All Events

All of the following safety measures will be put into place for 2021 events, as well as potential additional safety measures based on local guidelines specific to each host brewery location.
1. Limited Event Capacity: All events will have a limited capacity based on CDC and local guidelines for outdoor events.


2. Starting Group Sizes: As opposed to our typical ‘mass start’ style of event, we will monitor national and local guidelines for determining how large our group starts should be. In the case of extra precautions, we will do a rolling-start format where participants will check-in and begin their ride with no more than a small group of friends and family.


3. Social Distancing: All event staff and participants will practice social distancing of 6-feet or greater for the duration of the event. This applies to check-in stations, rest stops, ride support, and all post-ride festivities at the brewery.


4. Protective Gear: All event staff and participants are required to wear CDC-approved face coverings throughout the day, while not actively cycling and/or eating/drinking.


5. Hand Washing / Sanitizing Stations: All event staff and participants are required to regularly wash or sanitize hands throughout the day. Bikes & Beers will provide hand washing stations or hand sanitizer stations both at the start/finish, and all rest stops along the ride. In addition, staff will regularly disinfect surfaces.


6. Food Service Protocols: All food items will be individually wrapped. We will also work with the food trucks and brewery in advance of the event to assure that post-ride meals are served safely and according to updated health guidelines. Upon request of the brewery, we will use all bottled water in place of large water coolers.


7. Stay Home: We have revised all of our transfer policies to allow participants to transfer to ANY event in the future if they are feeling sick or have been at risk of exposure to Covid-19.