Out of our love for cycling & craft beer, Bikes & Beers was founded in 2013. We knew from the start, this was a match made in heaven! By working with independent craft breweries & local cycling charities, we were able to grow our event schedule year after year. In 2020, we were slated to hold 25 events in 16 states and over 15,000 total participating cyclists. In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, we had to make a few adjustments.
After rescheduling our Spring events, we wanted to help those affected by the virus while keeping to our mission of providing a fun, safe cycling and craft beer experience… The Social Distancing Ride was born! 
In honor of cycling events canceled or postponed across the country, we’re committed to providing a FUN cycling experience our riders have come to LOVE. Please tell your friends, family, cycling buddies (beer lovers) and whoever else you think would like to join in on the fun! Already the largest virtual cycling event in the country, the Social Distancing Ride has brought together the two worlds of cycling and craft beer coast to coast! Overwhelming at times, the amount of love and support we’ve received during this process has been truly incredible! Currently at 5,000+ riders nationwide, we’re excited to see just how big the movement can become! 


The Virtual Cycling Event that you can do anywhere, anytime, and support Local Craft Breweries!
Sign up, start riding, log your miles, and get your FINISHER MEDAL PACKAGE! Show the entire country how awesome cyclists are!


A portion of proceeds will be going to Gates Foundation Philanthropy Partners for Covid-19 Relief in the USA. In addition, we will be donating to local cycling charities around the country in the areas that our partnering breweries are located!
Have Fun, Be Safe, and Give Back!


1. When does the virtual event start?

The Social Distancing Ride starts September 14 and goes until November 15. This is a rolling-start event with interactive results leaderboard, so tell your friends, family and cycling buddies to join in!

2. How do I record my mileage?

After registration, we will email instructions on how to submit your riding data for the virtual challenge.

3. Can I create a team?

Yes, we have over 200 teams registered from all over the USA! This is a great way to get your cycling team together and compete against other. Don’t forget to enjoy a nice cold one with the gang after a good day in the saddle!

4. When will the Finisher Medal Package be shipped?

We’re working our hardest to get these to your door as fast possible. After registration, please allow 3 weeks for the Finisher Medal Package to be shipped.

5. How do the beer tokens work?

Bikes & Beers added something special to this event! We partnered with 250+ craft breweries across the country and we’re adding more every day. Each participant receives (2) beer tokens to be redeemed for beer at brewery taprooms (when reopened).
See Full List of Breweries


In addition to the FINISHER MEDAL PACKAGE, all riders receive access to our Virtual Pro Platform to submit weekly riding data and fun photos. Extra prizes given out every day for awesome photos! Riders also get access to our Facebook Event Group – post pictures, share stories, and support each other!
Riding Together… Apart!