Practicing Safe Social Distance!

     We strongly believe in bicycling as a safe and smart choice for transportation and recreation during these difficult times. Cycling is a great choice of exercise while practicing social distancing. Join the ride, stay fit, and join the amazing Bikes & Beers Community!

    Benefiting Virus Relief Efforts

    We’re partnering with hundreds of amazing independent craft breweries from all over the country to bring you this opportunity to show the world cyclists never stop! Portion of proceeds benefit COVID-19 relief efforts via Gates Foundation Philanthropy Partners.

    Join Us For A Ride

    Have Fun,
    Support Breweries &
    Give Back!


    As an entire country, we’re being called to be responsible in the way we exercise. With gyms closed and large gathering canceled, Bikes & Beers is honored to offer the cycling community a fun way to unite!

    Beer Unites

    We believe in building communities through human interaction and connection. When public gathering are allowed again & breweries open, we’re providing (2) beer tokens to be redeemed at your favorite breweries!

    Rider Appreciation

    JOIN THE RIDE & we’ll be shipping out your rider appreciation package complete with a special edition FINISHER MEDAL, water bottle, bottle opener, (2) beer coupons, koozie, 30% OFF COUPON, sponsor perks & giveaways, as well as raffle prizes!

    Giving Back

    In line with our organization’s mission, we’re giving proceeds to families affected by COVID-19 and cycling charities across America. These donations will help virus relief, bring awareness to families & businesses affected by this pandemic. Have fun, support craft breweries, & give back!